We are a strong and dedicated team of creative reuse professionals who love diverting usable waste from the waste stream and making creative materials accessible to teachers, parents, kids, hobbyists, crafters, artisans, creative entrepreneurs and, well, everyone.




Hometown: Oakland, CA
Been at SCRAP since: May 2016
SCRAP Expertise: Putting things next to other things
Favorite store items: Other people’s photos
Favorite creative reuse project: A/V light shows with found footage and slides
What they’re up to off the clock: Skateboarding, listening to baseball games, cat snuggling, Melrose Place, and putting things next to other things.



Materials Recovery Coordinator

Hometown: Portland, OR 
Been at SCRAP since: August, 2016 
SCRAP Expertise: Sorting and pricing items, mischievous tubes of unusual supplies 
Favorite store items: Scrap fabric, scrap metal 
Favorite creative reuse project: Scrap fabric skirts and dresses 
What she’s up to off the clock: Costume making, clipping hang nails, following her cat, rummaging through trash, writing letters



Reuse Supplies Coordinator

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, California  
Been at SCRAP since: August 2018 
SCRAP Expertise: I’m just happy to be here. 
Favorite store items: Changes daily. Often scrap fabric, leather and any thing with fur on it. 
Favorite creative reuse project: Multi-media sculpture, quilts, puppets and masks.   
What she’s up to off the clock: Trying to quilt around my cat, as my two dogs demand my attention the entire time. Sculpture, gallery openings, dog walks, birding, embroidery, cooking and too much TV.



Volunteer Coordinator

Hometown:Tampa, FL
Been at SCRAP since: May 2019
SCRAP Expertise:  Organizing people, places, and things…
Favorite store items: fabrics, fabrics, fabrics!!...and beads
Favorite creative reuse project: mosaics made of random and broken things
What they are up to off the clock: cooking, spending time with my silly dogs, reading graphic novels, collecting bones and other dead things, community organizing, producing radio content, general rabble rousing…



Education Coordinator

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska
Been at SCRAP since: December 2019 
SCRAP Expertise: Empowering kids and adults to save resources by making new things out of old things
Favorite store items: Old silly photographs and little tiny containers 
Favorite creative reuse project: Collage, sculpture and experimentation! 
What she’s up to off the clock: Finding bugs, picking up bugs, drawing bugs and then putting bugs safely back in their homes!! Also dabbling in all types of arts and crafts, going outdoors to look at plants and being nice and cozy in bed. 



Education Coordinator

Hometown: Beaverton, OR
Been at SCRAP since: April 2019
SCRAP Expertise: I love coming up with creative projects using all the treasures at SCRAP.

Favorite store items: paper, magazines, vintage items.
Favorite creative reuse project: Collage and book making
What she’s up to off the clock: Making art, dreaming of a tropical vacation, going on adventures my family.



Business Donation / Reuse Specialist

Hometown: Davis, California 
Been at SCRAP since: February 2020 
SCRAP Expertise: Collaborating with businesses or other reuse organizations and innovative googly-eye application.
Favorite store items: Notions, misc. wood, the "oh my goth" bin. 
Favorite creative reuse project: Puppets, dioramas, and hats!.  
What she’s up to off the clock: Rummaging through free piles, volunteering at the library, writing children's stories, or some R&R (Rollerblading & Reading).



Reuse Specialist

Hometown: Portland, OR
Been at SCRAP since: August 2018
SCRAP Expertise: Organizing items and stocking the shelves
Favorite store items: To-Go Kits, drawing supplies, and quirky craft items
Favorite creative reuse project: Mosaic-making with tiles and various odds and ends
What he’s up to off the clock: Daydreaming, drawing, singing, creative writing, listening to Indie playlists, and collaborative storytelling with friends



Reuse Specialist

Hometown: Boulder, CO
Been at SCRAP since: September 2019 
SCRAP Expertise: Looking forward to finding out!
Favorite store items: Paper punchers, quilting scraps, tiny cardboard boxes. 
Favorite creative reuse project: Bookbinding & printmaking
What she’s up to off the clock: Picking my nose & collecting samples for further research



Reuse Specialist

Hometown:  Pallet Town
Been at SCRAP since: August 2018
SCRAP Expertise: Getting super excited about the cute, funny or strange things people are buying
Favorite store items: Stickers!!! Plus art supplies and anything bizarre.
Favorite creative reuse project: Using interesting random objects to adorn clothing, and turning abandoned toys into wearable/functional items
What he is up to off the clock: Drawing all the time and everywhere, being a busy art student, sitting on the ground, getting rained on, scootin’ on a skateboard, watching cartoons, playing Pokemon games, playing instruments & singing, and overall just being a silly grown-up emo kid dweeb. ;~)



Reuse Specialist

Hometown:Cleveland, OH
Been at SCRAP since: February 2019
SCRAP Expertise:  I love to organize!
Favorite store items: Fabric and Containers are probably my favorite sections.
Favorite creative reuse project: I’ve been making garden boxes and planters out of old items from around the shop, it’s really fun!
What they are up to off the clock: Crafting, cooking and taking classes at PCC.


Cap'n Sparkletooth


Hometown: Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean
Been at SCRAP since: December, 2016
SCRAP Expertise: Convincing people to donate bags, appearing in photos
Favorite store items: Sequins, roses, the Davey Jones’ Locker bin
Favorite creative reuse project: skull decorating, treasure map making
What she’s up to off the clock: Singing shanties, swabbing the deck, walking the plank, haunting taverns and reuse centers, not being for sale



Reuse Specialist

Hometown: a little bit of here and there. 
Been at SCRAP since: February 2020
SCRAP Expertise: Reuse specializing
Favorite store items: beads, fabric, and any oddities i never knew existed!
Favorite creative reuse project: creative self portraits with random objects.
What he is up to off the clock: photographing, listening to & playing music, journaling, sewing, cooking.


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