We are a strong and dedicated team of creative reuse professionals who love diverting usable waste from the waste stream and making creative materials accessible to teachers, parents, kids, hobbyists, crafters, artisans, creative entrepreneurs and, well, everyone.


PDX Site Director

  • Hometown: Portland, Oregon (by way of Bossier City, Louisiana) 
  • Current Residence: Portland, OR  
  • Been at SCRAP since: October 2020
  • SCRAP expertise: Metals (jewelry making, sculpture), fibers (knitting/crocheting, felting, sewing, etc.), woodworking, decorating, general craftiness. I’m a Jane of many trades!   
  • Favorite store items: Whatever’s in my hand at the moment; I love it all so much! 
  • Favorite creative reuse project: Knitting needle windchimes, cork board jewelry storage/display
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Hiking, disc golfing, reading, writing, working late into the night in my metalsmithing studio, walking in the rain, always trying to learn something new.

Pronouns: she, her, Ms.




Donations Coordinator

  • Hometown:  Rochester, NY
  • Been at SCRAP since: May 2020
  • SCRAP expertise: Processing & sorting donations, merchandising, point of contact for donors and interested parties, keeping those shelves stocked full o'goodies
  • Favorite store items:  Metals, Leather and Sewing Notions
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Arting, music (drums/dj), gardening, metalsmithing and jewelry design





Volunteer Coordinator

  • Hometown: Cleveland, OH  
  • Current Residence: Portland, OR  
  • Been at SCRAP since: February 2019 
  • SCRAP expertise: Finding things among the chaos, memorizing prices, fawning over cute fabrics, and talking all day   
  • Favorite store items: Nice jars, vintage stuff, weird things, buttons, trim and sparkly stuff. 
  • Favorite creative reuse project: Knitting needle crowns 
  • What they’re up to off the clock:  Watchin  t.v,  loving my pets, sewing, cooking, sleeping and trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff i brought home from SCRAP.




Education Coordinator

  • Hometown: Queens, NY 
  • Current Residence: Portland, OR  
  • Been at SCRAP since: August 2021
  • SCRAP expertise: Building 
    relationships with other outreach organizations within the community, brainstorming creative reuse craft ideas, and supporting kids to color outside the lines.   
  • Favorite store items: Maps, National Geographic Magazines, comics, vintage photographs, art from old advertisements, anything from the nostalgia bin (especially 90’s action figures), & all the art supplies. 
  • Favorite creative reuse project: 
    Fabric Portraits & Surrealist Collages.
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Escaping to the coast,  zealously taking photos of nature,  loving my rabbit, playing indoor  soccer, jotting down sketch comedy ideas, cartooning and/or watching cartoons, and taste-testing every hot  sauce and creating my own.

Pronouns: they, them




Reuse Specialist

  • Hometown: Corvallis, OR 
  • Current Residence: Portland, OR  
  • Been at SCRAP since: August 2018
  • SCRAP expertise: Abolishing go-outs, organizing chaos, and makin' cute doodles for signs   
  • Favorite store items: Mostly-empty sketchbooks, weird lil toys, tiny tins, anything cute or creepy! 
  • Favorite creative reuse project: Drawing & painting on re-use surfaces (tub lids, CDs, etc), making jewelry out of weird metal bits, collaging everything ever onto pieces of old, abandoned foam core
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Drawing on everything, blasting music, having hours of existential thoughts, and skating around the city semi-adequately

Pronouns: he, him, his




Events Specialist

  • Hometown: San Francisco, CA 
  • Current Residence: Portland, OR  
  • Been at SCRAP since: Sept 2021
  • SCRAP expertise: Hand lettering cool fonts on signs, creating marvelous displays, tripping over boxes behind the register, running to find one more specific item that I’m convinced will be the perfect finishing touch for your project
  • Favorite store items: Miniatures, vintage cards and collage material, ornate little statues, stickers 
  • Favorite creative reuse project: incorporating stickers into drawings, zine-making
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Cooking, watching episode after episode of soapy TV with friends, listening to music, thrifting, leisurely wandering around the grocery store

Pronouns: she, her, hers



Andra Vltavín

Reuse Specialist

  • Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT 
  • Current Residence: Portland, OR  
  • Been at SCRAP since: November 2021
  • SCRAP expertise: Being the muscle, managing donations, running the register
  • Favorite store items: Yarn! 
  • Favorite creative reuse project: Using wool that would otherwise be wasted
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Starting an eco-friend yarn mill, writing poetry, caring for my angora rabbits, and doing acroyoga!

Pronouns: they, them, theirs



Katelyn Kindberg

Reuse Specialist

  • Hometown: Jamestown, NY
  • Current Residence: Portland, OR
  • Been at SCRAP since: May 2022
  • SCRAP expertise: Organizing chaos, making signs, & getting inspired by your art projects.
  • Favorite store items: Fabric, acrylic paints, other people’s photos, odd instrument parts, costume supplies, & googly eyes.
  • Favorite creative reuse project: Collages!
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Painting outside, boogieing to live music, listening to a podcasts, admiring Portland’s plant life on walks, & cuddling my perfect cat.

Pronouns: she, her, hers/ they, them, theirs



Alannya Sowers

Reuse Specialist

Info Coming soon!

  • Hometown: 
  • Current Residence:  
  • Been at SCRAP since: April 2022
  • SCRAP expertise:    
  • Favorite store items:  
  • Favorite creative reuse project: 
  • What they’re up to off the clock: 

Pronouns: she, her, hers





  • Hometown: Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean 
  • Current Residence: Portland, OR  
  • Been at SCRAP since: December, 2016
  • SCRAP expertise: Convincing people to donate bags, appearing in photos   
  • Favorite store items: Sequins, roses, the Davey Jones’ Locker bin 
  • Favorite creative reuse project: skull decorating, treasure map making 
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Singing shanties, swabbing the deck, walking the plank, haunting taverns and reuse centers, not being for sale


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