We are a strong and dedicated team of creative reuse professionals who love diverting usable waste from the waste stream and making creative materials accessible to teachers, parents, kids, hobbyists, crafters, artisans, creative entrepreneurs and, well, everyone.



Reuse Manager

Hometown: a little bit of here and there. 
Been at SCRAP since: February 2020
SCRAP Expertise: Reuse specializing
Favorite store items: beads, fabric, and any oddities i never knew existed!
Favorite creative reuse project: creative self portraits with random objects.
What he is up to off the clock: photographing, listening to & playing music, journaling, sewing, cooking.



Reuse Specialist

Hometown: Portland, OR
Been at SCRAP since: August 2018
SCRAP Expertise: Organizing items and stocking the shelves
Favorite store items: To-Go Kits, drawing supplies, and quirky craft items
Favorite creative reuse project: Mosaic-making with tiles and various odds and ends
What they're up to off the clock: Daydreaming, drawing, singing, creative writing, listening to Indie playlists, and collaborative storytelling with friends


Cap'n Sparkletooth


Hometown: Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean
Been at SCRAP since: December, 2016
SCRAP Expertise: Convincing people to donate bags, appearing in photos
Favorite store items: Sequins, roses, the Davey Jones’ Locker bin
Favorite creative reuse project: skull decorating, treasure map making
What she’s up to off the clock: Singing shanties, swabbing the deck, walking the plank, haunting taverns and reuse centers, not being for sale


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